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10 Digits RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Handle Latch

  • ✔ UPGRADED 10 DIGITS KEYLESS FREE ENTRY - Our 10 DIGITS keyless lock technology is one of the RV accessories and 5th wheel accessories you need to have for a worry-free vacation allowing you to leave your RV without carrying the keys. With 3 locking solutions, this handle has everything you’ll need. You can choose between the UPGRADED 10 DIGITS BACKLIT KEYPAD, NEW V5.0 WIRELESS FOBs, or the UNIQUE MECHANICAL KEYS to lock or unlock the handle.

  • ✔ HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Both front and back handle parts are made of 100% PREMIUM ZINC-ALLOY and flame-retardant nylon material, improved with a new IP65 WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY and upgraded with a pre-installed internal cover for having FULLY SEALED ELECTRICALS. Designed with a heavy-duty steel dual-core for durability, the Carmtek Keyless Camper Door Lock is the best solution for securing your valuables as you travel with loved ones in the family trailer or camper.

  • ✔️ 2 INTERIOR METAL LATCHES - Designed with security in mind, the 10 Digits CARMTEK RV Door Lock offers the possibility to MANUALLY lock/unlock both the deadbolt and the latchbolt form inside using our new upgraded METALLIC LATCHES.

  • ✔ 4 BUTTON KEY FOBs - Improved Key Fobs with a range of UP TO 80 FEET, being able to control 2 Keyless RV Handles simultaneously.

  • ✔️ UNIQUE MECHANICAL KEYS to Carmtek Brand. Our mechanical keys are made with unique patterns molded ONLY FOR CARMTEK RV Door Locks, for higher security.

  • ✔ WILL IT FIT MY CAMPER? Will NOT fit all RVs. Please check the fit guide in the product images! Fits ONLY trailers and RVs with an opening size of 3.75"x 2.75"x1.5". BE SURE TO CHECK COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR OPENING SIZE AND LATCH STYLE BEFORE PURCHASING!

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